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Rodent Proofing Services

Rodents are the single greatest threat to not just your attic’s insulation, but to the safety of your attic as well. They also are extremely hazardous to your health. At B Green Pro Attic  we understand that getting rid of rodents, and the threats they represent, is a top priority for our customers.


Our services are guaranteed to not just remove rodent infestation from your home, but also to prevent them from entering your home ever again. Whether it’s an animal as big as a raccoon or as small as a mouse, our technicians know what to do to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. This is because our technicians are highly experienced professional when it comes to getting rid of rodents. Our technicians will let you know exactly what they need to do to get your home rodent-proofed, and exactly how much it will cost.


We will never give you an estimate on the cost of a job until a completely exhaustive inspection has been performed, and we do this as part of our commitment to never surprise you with an unexpected cost.